Monday, June 17, 2013

Where Are We Now?

As I begin this long-needed blog, I find myself still living with MS and LadyShambles in the house we've shared for six years now.


I don't make as much as MS, and not nearly enough to pay the mortgage and all the bills, so I'm the moving party. I've been researching and looking for about a month and got the confirmation last week that I was cleared for a new place only 15 minutes away. LadyShambles will be spending half her time with me, so she toured with me and approved the apartment. I get the keys 6/21, move in 6/29.

We'll split any profit minus receipts when she sells.


In progress, but we've wiped out almost all of our debt and are splitting pretty clean.


We've a non-representative friend who is writing up the paperwork. We'll be filing with the courts in the next month.


Some days I feel like I can conquer the world despite all that's happening, that I am awesome incarnate and this is but a stepping stone on my new path towards the future. Other days I collapse into a ball of tears because I get stopped at some light and that was the road I drove for the first time to get up to Cinci and return to my wife after absence and a move.

Today's somewhere in between.


  1. You were very wise to clear off your mutual debts before divorcing. Debt causes so many problems, doesn't it?

  2. Clearing it off removed one of the most contentious issues throughout our relationship (as it is with any relationship). Moving forward, as it's no longer part of the conversation, we get to be calmer and focus more intently on some of the other nuances that - in reality - are a little more important.

    Thanks for reading!