Monday, August 25, 2014

Dissolution Granted

So today, just this morning, the dissolution was granted.

It was a mess of paperwork that I really got lucky on this morning, having brought way more copies than I thought I needed of various things - and hitting it right on the nose.

Slightly awkwardsauce sitting in the waiting hall for the magistrate to call us in. Then 10 minutes of "do you agree?" "do you agree?" and she complimented us on how we had made it through the system without help and wished everyone was as well-organized and mild-mannered as we were.

It was a good feeling, but then we said our goodbyes and crossed the street and ...lost? The leftover chains had dropped, the remaining weight off my shoulders, but there I was on a thin, stone path both sides bottomless water, all covered in fog, my bearings lost.

Still kind of feel like that now, a few hours later. Not scared, but not sure which direction to go. I dropped my daughter off at college last Thursday, dropped my marriage today. Things feel ...hollow right now. Happy the clutter is gone but curious about what to do with the space.

Good news is I suppose I worried this blog would dissipate after today, and I'm quickly realizing today easily could have been the very first post.