Thursday, January 30, 2014

That Girl I Kissed

So I kissed that girl and it was awesome.

Since then, we've been taking things slowly, not wanting to trump anything by over-eagerness. I've known her for over five years and just now we're getting to know each other in a completely new way. In a scary new way. We're already joining on so many levels it kind of frightens me: joy of cooking, patience of slow affection, little quirks and peeves we share...'s good. It's SO good right now.

I'm making her a mix tape. Well, CD.

Yeah, I'm already that deep. And I'm loving every moment of it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Xmas Terrors

Little late on the scene here, but Christmas was part great fam fun and part nightmare.

The fun part is easy: great time with family.

The nightmare part, not so much. MS was pretty busy with work and decided she was staying in town as Mini and I headed to Cleveland. Since Mini wasn't able to drive her grandmother, her aunt's Xmas was cancelled. Shitty on all points.

Mini was livid and totally shut down during the Xmas time. I went out myself to bring her grandmother to feast with my own fam by invitation, and if I hadn't asked Mini to take her Grandmother's coat, she wouldn't have said five words to her throughout the evening.


I know she was pissed about the circumstances, but don't be shitty to your own grandmother by completely ignoring her during the gathering. Right?

I don't get mad. I deal with things as they come. But this snub made me so angry it about brought me to tears during the night. I love Mini and I love grandma, and I could not possibly fathom the disregard she showed her during the night.

The night was fine, grandma was okay and enjoyed it. But Mini.... And when I asked her about it, she played it off like she did nothing wrong.

We raised her better.