A Little Background

My name is Ricky Shambles. I'm 36 years old, and after 11 years of marriage, I'm getting divorced.

Well, it's more of a dissolution because the Mrs. (referred to as "MS" within) and I are rational people and have decided to do this amicably and cautiously and in the best way possible to transition our daughter (MiniShambles).

So I'm also father to a beautiful 17-year-old girl (step- technically, but I've been "Dad" since she was 5 or so, bio's never been in the picture). She's graduating from high school next year and we'll all be staying in the area so she can stick with her class before heading to college. She's brilliant.

If you'd like some real-time elucidations of how this all came about, here's a post I tossed into my other blog from about 2 years ago (I altered the post date so it wouldn't show up on the home page) just after we decided in somewhat vague terms that we would prepare for a split. And here's another one from last year when we decided to get serious about it.

And it's happening. Now. And while it's amicable, it's still painful and exciting and terrifying. And maybe, in my rantings on that pain and excitement and terror, maybe I can provide some insights to life.

Here we go...

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