Wednesday, July 31, 2013


And at some point, you feel abandonment.

I don't have many friends in general (because I'm generally introverted), but this isn't about being secluded or excluded, this is about being ignored.

For the last week, I've been trying to get MS on the phone with me. A whole week. And she either ignores my texts or says she'll call but then gets too busy. All I'm trying to do is look at our list of things we need to accomplish to move on and discuss the different aspects of our daughter's life. And...nothing.

She told me to call her this evening. I just left her a voicemail.

And MiniShambles isn't any better, doing her own thing, not necessarily replying to anything.

I feel abandoned. The only people I'm directly linked to in this end-of-marriage and I can't get a steady line of communication going.

I know everything'll work out, but it borders on disrespect--

Okay, sorry, but to hell with that post. Much better story next one as I spent last night in the hospital.

(spoiler: everyone's alive, but almost wasn't)

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